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Will the Four-Day Workweek… Work?

Blog by Angelo Pesce, Elizabeth Hill, and Rebecca Hill Currently, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe are running trial programs to determine the feasibility of the four-day workweek. To be feasible, a four-day workweek must produce 100% productivity, in...

Impact of COVID-19 and Takeaways

While the last ten months have brought us uncertainty, COVID-19 has also pushed us to become more creative and think outside our normal approaches to work. Organizations that have a culture of being flexible, creative and adaptable have fared better than those that...

Performance Reviews in a COVID World

Performance Reviews are something that all Leaders in organizations (should) have had to lead at some point or another. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a Leader that enjoys conducting performance reviews, especially when we are talking about that annual review – you...

Changing the Definition of Success

I believe it is time to change the definition of success in our workplaces and general North American culture. There seems to be three definitions of success in assorted dictionaries: the accomplishment of one’s goals. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or...

Discipline in the Workplace

In everyone’s life, at one point or another, there comes a time when we have to be told that we are incorrect, or that we are heading in the wrong direction and be told or shown the correct route. This is the purpose of progressive discipline in the workplace....

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