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Future Proofing Your HR Department

Future Proofing Your HR Department The rapid advancement of technology is changing the way we think of work, how we work and the future of work. The business environment is fundamentally being transformed by new technologies, from artificial intelligence (AI) to...

5 Things to Get Right in this New Decade

5 Things to Get Right in this New Decade The new decade has caught many organizations wondering about what abounds in the months and years ahead. The trends of last year have not disappeared. As we move forward, here are some things we should observe and try to get...

Age-Sensitive Spending by Governments

Scary Pronouncements In July 2009, the C. D. Howe Institute, a Canadian think tank, released a report in which they estimated that, by 2030, the cost of age-sensitive spending will be $1.5 trillion. (Age-sensitive spending ― that is, the cost of supporting people as...

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