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How to Maintain Commitment During Tough Times

The Government’s budget that promises tough times for the next three years has passed. The Government has introduced legislation that would freeze wages for selected organizations and non unionized employees and has served notice on public sector unions that there is...

5 Strategies for Managing Uncertainty

The challenges of the business environment are penetrating both private and public organizations at an alarming pace. As new business trends, compliance issues and changes in government policies face us, many leaders at the helm of organizations struggle to make ends...

Is Your Organization Millennial Ready?

Is Your Organization Millennial Ready? “The times they are a-changing”. As the inter-generational blame game thickens, and Millennials move into leadership roles, a whirlwind of opinions comparing Millennials with non-Millennials continue to surface, beckoning...

Why Didn’t You Tell?

Why didn’t you tell? Over the last couple of weeks since the news about Jian Ghomeshi broke, that question is being asked, and actually answered, by many women. Women who have experienced harassment, degradation and violence from men they knew. As horrific as the Jian...

The Footprint We Leave Behind

One of my clients is currently recruiting for a position in which it is hard to find qualified candidates.  The other day I was assisting them with sourcing candidates by going through LinkedIn.  I was searching for potential candidates that have the necessary skills...

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