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Health and Safety At Work During A Pandemic

The pandemic, like all other major disruptions, creates a need to change and adapt during the disruption. From that experience new norms are created and become very important to the lifestyle of individuals going forward. For example, after the pandemic of 1918 a new...

Are You Ready for the Legalization of Marijuana?

The expected time for recreational marijuana to become legal in Canada is fast approaching.  This promise of the government to legalize the use of this flowering weed will present a range of opportunities and challenges.  There are potential market entrants that are...

Changes to Employment Insurance Regulations: January 2017

Changes to Employment Insurance (EI) Regulations, including a reduction of the waiting period from two weeks to one week, came into effect on January 1, 2017. The waiting period reduction applies to both regular and special (i.e., maternity, parental, compassionate...

Are You Prepared for Workplace Inspection Blitzes?

Are You Prepared for Workplace Inspection Blitzes? Many of you have been or will be facing workplace inspectors arriving at your door. Here are some good practices to help you prepare: Internal Responsibility System (IRS) Review As the IRS is the underlying philosophy...

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