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Now Is the Time to Invest in Leadership

Nov 10, 2020 | Leadership

Your management staff are essential to your business’s success especially during difficult times such as we are experiencing in 2020. They are those entrusted to inspire, lead and direct your group of employees to reach your strategic goals. As critical as management staff are, too often we fail to invest in their own professional development. In today’s complex and ever-changing work and/or work from home environments, a company cannot afford to have its management staff direct solely by instinct, or even solely through what they have learned from prior supervisors or past experiences.

Now, leading a group of employees requires extensive understanding about how folks work efficiently, how employment legislation affects the workplace and the ways to create positive confidence in the organization and its leadership.  This is the time to ramp up your training of managers as they face new never before seen challenges with employees.

Pesce & Associates provides customized training to assist management in becoming successful, flexible and effective leaders. The following is a sample list of the coaching programs we have designed particularly to deal with the requirements of supervisors:

  • Principles of Self-Management
  • Building Trust in Leadership
  • Lead and Manage Performance to Drive Results
  • Managing Effort, Getting Results
  • Resolve Conflict and Build Accountability in the Workplace
  • Managing in a Unionized Environment
  • Reviewing New and Changing Workplace Legislation
  • How to Build a Respectful Workplace

Our Consultants are seasoned Human Resources Professionals who have years of expertise in leadership roles and possess a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of leaders. Our approach to instruction is to create and tailor the informational material contained in the training around your organization’s goals and challenges; the sessions aim to provide participants with applicable tools to be able to appropriately and effectively respond to the demands of their position within your organization.

The participants will leave every session with new wisdom and tools that they can apply on a constant basis. The sessions are intended to be interactive with exercises to strengthen learning. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your management development requirements.

To support our coaching programs, we offer training and development assessments/tools, such as 360° Reviews for people that are new to management, and experienced managers that are looking to further build their leadership and people skills. Additionally, we offer a Predictor of Performance (PoP) Assessment that is designed to provide insights into the strengths of individuals based on different types of careers. These tools may be utilized as part of your recruiting, performance management or development and improvement strategies. Our evaluations have a long history of validation and benchmarking supporting them and certainly demonstrate a connection between performance, talent and teamwork.

Although our world is changing and our work environments are different, it is more important now than ever to invest in your organization’s future by investing in your leadership team. Remember, people usually leave managers, not companies.

For further information on our Training or Assessment services, please visit our website at or contact Elizabeth Hill, Managing Partner at

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