Optimus SBR

Optimus SBR is a management consulting firm located in Toronto with extensive experience in the public, private and not for profit sector.

With this partnership, Pesce & Associates is well positioned to provide organizations such as yours with a suite of additional services in the following practice areas:

• Strategy, including planning and implementation;
• Process mapping and improvement;
• Project Management;
• Research and Analytics; and
• Governance Leadership.

These services coupled with Pesce & Associates’ trusted expertise in Human Resources – specifically in the practice areas of organizational effectiveness and reviews; compensation and job evaluation/pay equity; labour relations; employee relations; training and executive enhancement; performance management, compliance and policy development, recruitment and retention – provides organizations like yours with a full range of services to review organizational performance from both a business and people perspective to maximize the opportunities for success.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Hill, Managing Partner, at ehill@pesceassociates.com or visit Optimus SBR website at www.optimussbr.com.



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