RAD Potential

RAD Potential began with a mission to help companies take their hiring to a higher standard. They recognize that hiring the right people and through effective recruitment strategies is critical to an organization’s success.

They’ve consulted with hundreds of companies and it became apparent that some organizations did not have strong hiring practices or lacked the experience. This came at a cost resulting in lower employee engagement, productivity and higher than normal employee attrition.

RAD Potential’s vision is to help organizations deliver a pragmatic and sustainable approach to hiring. Their value proposition is to ensure the right people, process and technology are in place to empower leaders to build a recruitment function that works. Their mission is to help organizations build recruitment processes using the right people, process and technology.

RAD Potential and Pesce & Associates together provide a full service talent acquisition strategy. We have brought together our strengths as company’s to help organizations improve their recruitment marketing as well as helping them carry out their recruitment.

Let us help boost your brand and make your recruitment of finding and hiring candidates easier.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Hill, Managing Partner at ehill@pesceassociates.com. For more information on RAD Potential visit their website at www.radpotential.com.



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