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Effective HR training and development can help your staff at all levels acquire competencies and adopt behaviors necessary for the development of their potential, allowing them to work effectively towards achieving your organization’s goals, and inspiring them to do their best.

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At Pesce & Associates, we understand the importance of HR training and development for the future of any organization, as well as the necessity to customize the implementation of these human resources management components according to the unique needs of our clients and their staff.

We can provide you with HR training and development services tailored to your needs, as well as the extensive knowledge and experience of our HR consultants. This will ensure the facilitation of your employee’s professional goals and build a solid foundation for the achievement of your organizational objectives.  

HR Training and Development

We can help you build your workforce competencies by:

  • Providing intensive, interactive training in all areas of human resource management
  • Developing and delivering effective leadership development programs
  • Providing training modules, customized to meet your needs, in all areas of human resource management
  • Sample training modules include: 
    • Managing in a Unionized Environment, 
    • Performance Management, 
    • Building a Respectful Workplace, 
    • Coaching and Mentoring, Managing Change, and
    • Building Trust in Leadership

    What is HR Training?

    HR training is a continuous process aimed at developing the mentality, skills, and knowledge of employees in a direction that will benefit both them and the organization they work in. In order for the training to be effective and have optimal results, it needs to be planned strategically, targeted at specific aspects of employee performance, and conducted in an environment that encourages learning and career development.

    This is achieved through a diligent analysis of company and employee goals and how certain knowledge and skills can be aligned. While it may not always be possible to match organizational and individual goals, finding some sort of common ground is crucial in the effort to keep the employee motivated throughout the HR training process.

    What is Employee Development?

    Although the two terms are often considered synonyms and are very connected, employee training and development are two different components of Human Resource Management. While HR training is focused on increasing an employee’s competencies relevant to their current position within a company, development is oriented towards growing their careers and preparing them for future opportunities.

    Simply put, HR training primarily focuses on addressing current deficiencies in the skills, knowledge, and aptitudes within the workforce, while development is a long-term process of preparing staff members for new positions, such as management and leadership, based on their existing abilities and potential.

    That being said, the two are inseparable and complementary in the endeavor to retain and develop talent; and build a strong, qualified, and efficient workforce with the human capital at the disposal of any organization.

    Leadership Development

    An effective leader must possess an array of skills and abilities to be successful in building employee commitment to the organization’s goals and objectives. Leadership development programs help to ensure that today’s leaders are properly trained to manage such complex relationships and understand the legislative framework they must work within.

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