Labour Relations

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Labour relations is a crucial part of human resources management. A unionized environment provides many challenges, as well as opportunities for building common ground on which to develop human resources programs and practices. Addressing union organizing and representation matters, amicable conflict resolution, and contract negotiations, interpretation, and administration are all integral parts of labour relations, aimed at building a positive work environment.

Successful collective bargaining does not just happen. It is important to build solid working relationships through the administration of the collective agreement. We believe that through negotiation and understanding, solutions emerge that are manageable and workable for all parties.

Labour Relations

Labour Relations Services We Offer

Our team of HR consultants can support your labour relations  efforts by:

  • Assisting you in developing a mutually beneficial working relationship with your unions
  • Assisting with the development of communication and joint problem-solving
  • Providing consultation on collective agreement issues, including contract interpretation
  • Supporting you through discipline and termination processes
  • Offering consultation and/or representation through the grievance process, up to and including arbitration
  • Managing the preparation for and conducting of collective bargaining, up to and including conciliation and arbitration

Build a Harmonious Work Environment With Us

In order to work together collaboratively to achieve excellence, it is essential to have a harmonious work environment. Teams that have performed in a collaborative and innovative manner do so because of the leadership invested in maintaining relationships throughout the organization. The long-term effect of relationship building is an atmosphere conducive to building trust, solving problems, and resolving conflicts. With unions in place, any organizational environment may become antagonistic if labour relations are not managed well.  

At Pesce & Associates, we believe that positive labour relations come from an open and respectful relationship with the unions. We focus on finding mutually beneficial outcomes that always focus on the best interests of clients. We believe that in a unionized environment, there are opportunities for building a common ground upon which to develop human resources programs and practices that support the achievement of an organization’s vision.

Good labour relations management will go a long way towards creating a balanced workplace environment in which employees are committed to the goals and objectives of the organization, and leaders create a culture that values the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its workforce. 

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