Organizational Review and Effectiveness

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The more employees are engaged in their work and the values and goals of the organization, the greater their contribution to the organization’s success. One of the most important goals for all modern companies is the optimal organization of their structure and resources. This is often referred to as organizational effectiveness.

With programs and systems in place that focus on the knowledge, skills, and motivation of employees, an organization’s efforts will lead to a loyal, engaged, and effective workforce.

Achieve Your Goals with Us

At Pesce & Associates, we offer our clients creative and innovative solutions to increase their organizational effectiveness and help them achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. The experience and extensive knowledge of our team allow us to provide you with services and suggestions adapted to your company and goals.

We can provide you with useful insights into the effectiveness of your leadership system, communication channels, employee engagement, as well as consulting services tailored to your unique needs.

Partner with us to create a positive working environment within your organization, with a clear mission and company objectives to rally your staff behind.

Organizational Review and Effectiveness

We Can Help You by:

  •         Assisting in designing effective organizational structures
  •         Facilitating the development of a Human Resources Strategic Plan
  •         Developing processes for change management and culture transformation
  •         Assisting in the development of effective and efficient HR communication strategies
  •         Developing effective coaching and mentoring systems, and training managers in developing these skills
  •         Developing conflict resolution strategies and assisting with dispute resolution
  •         Developing and completing customized Employee Engagement Surveys
  •         Completing HR Audits to determine and address potential liabilities within existing programs and processes

What is Organizational Effectiveness?

Organizational effectiveness is a measure of an organization’s efficiency in terms of achieving goals. For most modern businesses, this translates into reaching and maintaining predefined target profitability, but may also include other measures of effectiveness.

An effective and efficient organization is able to maximize their results, using resources at their disposal, with minimal expenditures – tangible or intangible. This requires all the elements within the organization (both managerial and non-managerial) to operate at their peak levels, which can only be achieved through optimal organizational structures and maximizing each individual’s contribution.

Why is Organizational Effectiveness Important?

In the modern market, organizational effectiveness can make the difference between a business thriving and failing. From decreased operational costs to better management and employee performance, an effective organizational structure will help your business maintain sustainability, competitiveness, and a steady growth rate.

Organizational Review

The development and implementation of an effective structure starts by conducting an organizational review. This is a process of collecting and analyzing information and data pertaining to the organization of the company, in order to identify areas that can be improved, as well as the appropriate methods to be implemented.

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