Performance Management

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The traditional system of periodic employee reviews and appraisals as the main tool to assess staff performance and evaluate goals is being rapidly replaced by modern performance management. This continuous process of directing and managing employee efforts is aimed at increasing and maintaining their performance throughout the year.

How Pesce & Associates Can Help Your Business

Our experienced performance management consultants can help you pinpoint any flaws in your current system and offer creative solutions to aid your efforts in terms of enhancing employee engagement, improving communication, and setting and meeting objectives.

Having a sound strategy when it comes to managing and developing employee performance is an important step in achieving your short and long-term performance goals. We understand that your organization is unique and that your performance management strategy needs to reflect this, which is why we are dedicated to getting to know your organization, values, and goals, before providing you with tailored suggestions and services.

Performance Management

At Pesce & Associates, we can support your performance management efforts by:

  • Designing new performance management programs or enhancing existing ones
  • Creating customized performance appraisal tools and other mechanisms for providing feedback to employees
  • Developing communication strategies for implementing performance management programs
  •  Working with management teams to implement on-going monitoring and follow-up of performance objectives
  • Training managers on how to draw on the performance management process to engage employees
  • Developing processes to manage the performance issues including performance improvement plans.
  • Advising management on the handling of discipline and terminations.

What is Performance Management?

Performance management is a strategic, on-going process in which the manager and employee work together to plan, monitor, and review the employee’s work objectives or goals and overall contribution to the organization. The purpose of these activities is to stimulate and maintain improved staff performance, and, consequently, positively influence the general effectiveness of the organization.

What is Effective Performance Management?

The most effective programs direct employees’ behavior so that it supports the strategic direction of the organization and aligns those actions with the individual’s professional goals.

The key to effective performance management is understanding that it is a continuous process of:

  • mutual planning (both on personal and company levels) and goal setting,
  • implementing the agreed-upon plans,
  • providing feedback and coaching, and
  • reviewing accomplished goals, employee development, and identifying actions to take in the future.

This approach ensures the inclusion of employees in the planning segment and allows them to align their personal goals with those of the organization. Additionally, ongoing communication and feedback helps everyone understand what is expected of them and how they can optimally contribute to the organization.

Providing your employees with guidance and constructive feedback through proper communication channels is the best way to ensure their professional development and maximize their capabilities in the long term.

We are here to help you devise and implement a performance management program tailored to the needs of your company. Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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