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Policy development and implementation is an important part of human resources management, as policies and procedures provide a framework for decision-making, as well as defining strategies to govern various workplace relationships. HR policies define rules and standards that are binding for both the employer and the staff.

Without policies in place, decisions and practices may not be applied consistently, which can lead to possible violations of applicable legislation. Consistent decision-making builds trust and enhances employees’ engagement in the organization’s goals.

Policy Development

We Can Help You Develop and Improve Your HR Policy Effectiveness

At Pesce & Associates, we have a deep understanding of the significance of effective HR policies, as well as the need to develop and implement them in accordance with the peculiarities of each business, their culture, and unique situation.

Reach out to us, and we can help you develop and implement effective policies and procedures that align with your organizational values and comply with all relevant regulations, through our unique client-centric policy development process.

Our Policy Development services include:

  • Reviewing existing policies and procedures, and identifying potential liability from the perspective of legislative compliance
  • Developing new policies and procedures, or amending existing ones, to align with legislation and organizational culture
  • Providing management and staff training on human resources policies
  • Assisting with interpretation and implementation of policies
  • Developing policy handbooks for employees

What Is Policy Development?

Policy development is a process of identifying internal relations that need to be regulated by policies and procedures and devising them in accordance with organizational culture and applicable legislation. The resulting policies need to be understandable and accessible for all employees.

It is also vital to understand that the process does not end there. In order for them to remain effective and in compliance with legislation, policies and procedures need to be continuously maintained and updated or amended when required.

Ranging from dress codes to legal rights, they can be developed to govern virtually any aspect of business operation that requires consistency and transparency. Having clear guidelines and instructions provided for different situations also contributes to a simpler decision-making process and unambiguously communicates expectations.

The Purpose of HR Policy Development

The purpose of HR policies is to streamline the operation of a business and enforce the organizational culture and values in all its spheres. They serve as a reference sheet and guide for employees and management in questions regarding various day-to-day matters and special situations. These can include information on the terms of recruiting, retirement, contract termination, promotion, employee benefits, etc.

Having clear and well-written policies ensures smooth operation and consistent decisions (executive and otherwise) which build trust and understanding among staff and management. In this sense, their significance goes beyond protecting the organization from legal action. They regulate the relationship between the employer and employees by establishing standards and defining responsibilities and mutual obligations.

Finally, good employee-oriented policies that guarantee various benefits for staff members or top-performing individuals contribute to a strong company culture that will help you attract talent and retain your key staff.

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