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In the next decade, organizations are going to face the challenge of a decreasing number of people in the workforce. Hiring employees is a significant decision for any organization and as competition for talented employees increases, so will the costs associated with recruitment, orientation, and training.

Employee recruitment is going to be a critical strategic competency that organizations will have to possess in order to attract the right people. Proper planning can help your organization develop and execute effective recruitment strategies and avoid costly mistakes.

Ensure Optimal Employee Recruitment With Us

We believe that every company has unique needs in terms of recruiting and integrating new employees into their organization’s system. This is why we approach each client with their individuality in mind and strive to provide them with services and advice tailored to their specific situation and objectives.

Achieve your recruitment goals with the assistance of our HR consultants, whose input will aid your efforts towards recruiting and retaining talented and qualified staff, as well as implement successful employee orientation programs.


We can help you achieve your recruitment goals by:

  • Developing customized recruitment strategies to meet your short and long-term objectives
  • Assisting with your recruitment process, including advertising, screening candidates, interviews, selection, and checking references
  • Establishing effective new-hire orientation programs
  • Developing effective linkages between your recruitment and retention strategies

What is Recruitment in HRM?

Recruitment is a vital part of human resources management, as hiring employees is the first stage in building the most important asset of any organization – human capital. As a process, it refers to all the steps and measures required to fill vacant positions within a company with employees with the right qualifications and mentality.

Although it may seem like a simple task, establishing an effective program for finding, attracting, and hiring the right people requires both strategic planning and a deep understanding of the labor market, as well as the internal and external limiting factors.

What Are the 7 Stages of Recruitment?

As a process, although it is unique for every organization and depends on their specific situation, generally speaking, recruitment can be broken down into 7 stages:

  1.       Identifying staffing needs
  2.       Preparing job descriptions
  3.       Developing a strategy
  4.       Screening and shortlisting prospects
  5.       Interviewing
  6.       Evaluating candidates and offering positions
  7.       Onboarding employees

Reach out to Pesce & Associates and we can assist you with any and all steps in this process.

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