Houselink Community Homes

Houselink Community Homes


Houselink Community Homes provides supportive housing and recovery oriented programs for people living with persistent and serious mental health challenges in Toronto. Over the years, the Pesce & Associates team have provided us with practical advice, principled human resources solutions and the benefit of decades of proven expertise and experience. Last year, we required the onsite services of Pesce & Associates to fill a gap in our management team. Angelo Pesce, the Founding Partner, recommended one of his senior consultants for this assignment. Mary Giles is a very knowledgeable and experienced senior HR consultant with significant experience in human resources and specifically in labour relations and employee relations. Mary was able to step in as interim Manager, Human Resources, providing myself and the management team with sound advice, support and guidance in the areas of employee and labour relations; internal communications; organizational effectiveness; staff/leadership development and coaching; performance management; recruitment and onboarding; employment legislation/collective agreement interpretation; policy review/development; and compensation/pay equity/job evaluation. During the one year assignment, Mary has moved us from being in a real H/R bind to being in a much more stable position. She was able to plug holes where they needed to be plugged by reviewing and creating new tools and frameworks; by working diligently to rebuild staff/management relationships and relationships with the union delegates; by successfully negotiating several grievances ensuring that they were amicably settled for all of the stakeholders; and by successfully removing a costly arbitration. Leading a series of front-line staff consultations, she has provided the management team and myself with a direction to improve working relationships going forward. Mary also assisted us with the recruitment of a permanent Manager, Human Resources. Through her very comprehensive orientation, the new Manager, HR has been able to embrace the role as if she has been here for years. It has been our pleasure working with Mary. We very much appreciate knowing that Pesce & Associates has such knowledgeable and experienced consultants whenever we need HR support and guidance. We strongly recommend Pesce & Associates.

Pesce & Associates is a full-service Human Resources Consulting Group that provides comprehensive, strategic consulting services carefully tailored to each client's unique needs.

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