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Respect in the Workplace: Now is the Time to Bring it Back and Keep It

Sep 6, 2019 | Workplace Culture

In a recent report by Craig Dowden, PhD, entitled “Civility Matters” prepared for APEX (The Association of Public Service Executives), the author reminded us of how important civility in the workplace is to a well functioning organization. It states:

The rising problem of workplace incivility warrants immediate attention because uncivilworkplace behavior can affect the entire organization negatively by poisoning worker’spsychological and physical well-being, learning motivation and productivity. The unfortunate organizational climate this situation creates can contribute ultimately to anorganization’s inability to remain competitive.

It is our view that while this report specifically refers to the Federal Public Service its reasoning and findings apply equally to any organization.

Over the past few years our workplace legislators and human resources departments have been focused on developing proper processes to handle complaints of harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace. While having such processes is absolutely necessary, we need to ask ourselves – would it not be a more desirable objective and outcome if we could prevent this type of behaviour from happening in the first place?

We at Pesce & Associates believe that the answer is a resounding yes. Creating a civil and respectful workplace that will prevent many of these undesirable occurrences from happening is the answer. We can help you identify problem behaviour, find solutions and train your managers/supervisors and staff on how to create and maintain respect in the workplace.

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